जमीन से 400 ft ऊपर पहाड़ पर हुई दुनिया की सबसे खतरनाक और खूबसूरत शादी,देख रोंगटे खड़े हो जाएंगे

लाइव सिटीज डेस्क : अब तक आपने आम शादियां देखी होंगी, जहां घर या बाहर वेन्यू बुक करवाकर शादियां की जाती हैं. या फिर डेस्टिनेशन वेडिंग देखी होंगी जहां अपने शहर से दूर समुद्र के किनारे या फिर विराट-अनुष्का की तरह पूरा एक गांव बुक करवाकर शादी की जाती है. लेकिन यहां आपको एक शादी दिखा रहे हैं जिसे आपने पहले कभी नहीं देखा होगा.

कैलिफोर्निया के एक कपल ने जमीन पर नहीं बल्कि पहाड़ों के बीच जाल बिछाकर शादी की है. दूल्हा रयान जेन्क्स और दुल्हन किमबर्ले वेगलिन ने उथाह शहर के मोआब नाम के पहाड़ पर शादी की. ये पहाड़ जमीन से 400 फीट ऊपर है. दोनों ने यहीं एक-दूसरे रिंग पहनाई.

जमीन से 400 फीट ऊपर एक-दूसरे को गले लगाते रयान जेन्क्स और किमबर्ले वेगलिन.
एक-दूसरे से बाते करते रयान और किमबर्ले.

Trying to resist the urge to write a cheesy caption like “Love is in the air.” // it’s hard to believe it’s been two weeks since @_kimw_ and @slackinhigh said “hell yeah” (instead of “I do”) on the net 400 feet above the desert, but man this gorgeous wedding has taken the world by storm! I love seeing people inspired to do their own thing with their wedding day, realizing it isn’t about traditions or what you’re “supposed” to do, but more about creating a day that you can be 100% yourselves and anyone who witnessed it learns more about you. It’s amazing to me that Kim’s parents got to see this amazing part of her life that they had only seen in photos before. I’ve been posting a ton from this wedding (I mean can you blame me?) but the point isn’t to say “do what they did” the point is to say…do what YOU want to do. Brides + Grooms, you do you. And I’ll show up to document it beautifully. And we’ll all walk away knowing more about each other ❤️ @sketchyandylewis

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रिंग सेरेमनी के लिए खुद को संभालती दुल्हन किमबर्ले.

Believe it or not, this was a candid moment. Sort of. @_kimw_ walked out in front of me adjusting her veil, while @slackinhigh picked it up behind me to fluff it. As you can imagine, I asked him to keep holding it up like this and gave her a few other cues to capture this gorgeous scene, but this first frame is still my favorite. Our photography style is a constant balance of being ready for candid moments, but also directing scenes and watching for all the details, like where the light hits, how the groom prefers to reach out for his bride, what direction the wind is coming from, and which “poses” help them relax. For me, the best photo is not necessarily a 100% candid moment that I happen to just stumble upon, but actually a moment that I helped facilitate by finding perfect light and framing, then capturing my subject being themselves within the gorgeous conditions. You see, I didn’t just walk by this net and see a cool bride and take her photo. So much went into this moment, from my relationship with her building over months, overcoming my own fears of being suspended 400 feet above the desert, getting to know the amazing people involved in this wedding day, building my own skills so much so that she chose to hire me despite multiple photographers offering to shoot her wedding for free, studying how sunlight looks at every minute in this crazy desert, becoming familiar with this setting and this specific canyon, learning how to create a beautiful image and so much more…you see, in my opinion, I’m not a good photographer because I just stumble on good moments, I’m a great photographer because I work years to create them.

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एक-दूसरे को अंगूठी पहनाते रयान जेन्क्स और किमबर्ले वेगलिन.

N E W B L O G » instead of your traditional “I do’s,” Kim and Ryan exchanged “hell yeahs” on an intricately woven space net (invented by their best man, @sketchyandylewis) 400 feet above a gorgeous canyon in Moab. The entire monkey community came together and used their talents to fill the canyon with love and a circus-like atmosphere. There was so much going on, and in the middle of it all these two committed forever to each other. Everything about this wedding reflected their personalities perfectly. I could keep trying to describe this day, but words won’t do it justice, so head over to the blog link in my bio to see an overload of photos and links to all of the amazing BASE jumpers, aerialists, and friends involved in this epic wedding ??

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रिंग सेरेमनी के बाद पोज़ करते रयान और किमबर्ले.
इस शादी में सिर्फ दूल्हा-दुल्हन ही नहीं दुल्हन की फ्रेंड्स भी थीं.

Alright now ladies ???? #squadgoals

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शादी के दौरान पोज़ देते कपल्स

I’m still pretty sure this entire weekend was a dream. We knew @_kimw_ and @slackinhigh’s wedding day would be extremely eventful and we might not have a ton of time for portraits at sunset, so I suggested they do a first look and portrait session a few days before since we’d all be out in the desert anyway (and we wanted as many photos as possible of her amazing @galialahav dress!). They loved the idea and I’m so so glad we did this! We went out to a completely different area of Moab right before a massive storm, so the sky was moody and we were working with 40+ mile per hour winds (desert storms are no joke!). It was a whirlwind of a session (pun intended) full of giggles and holding her cathedral-length veil so it wouldn’t blow away, sweet moments, sexy moments (I mean look at these two), and so much desert gorgeousness before feeling a few raindrops and literally running to their car just in time as the skies opened up and released one of the coolest storms we’ve witnessed out here! Brides – blue sky days are great and all, but never fear when the forecast threatens some weather on your wedding day. It can make for some of the most amazing photos, and the energy a storm brings is like no other. Wind and rain are not something we fear, it’s something we embrace! @kinsleyjamescouturebridal // also, workshop update! We only have 6 slots left!!! See my recent post and the link in my bio for more info!

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देखें कैसे हुई इस शादी की तैयारी

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