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kolai Movie Ott Release Date

The most controversial Spy , Thriller movie made its theatrical release on 21 July 2023. Through the huge response of the movie, the makers are planning to have a Kolai OTT Release. The Kolai OTT Release Date has not been confirmed yet but the makers are expecting to make a release of the Kolai OTT Platform by the 18 August 2023. Once the platform gets decided, the Kolai OTT Rights Price will also be known. A huge budget movie will soon make its OTT debut and the Kolai Star Cast can be known by checking the post below. The excited fans can have a look at the article below to get all the updates on the OTT release of the movie.

Kolai OTT Release Date

The movie which has a storyline based on the Spy , Thriller has become the most controversial one and is named as Kolai. The Spy , Thriller movie having Tamil Superstar Vijay Antony , Ritika Singh in the lead role has made its theatrical release on 21 July 2023. The movie is said to be the biggest movie of the year whose budget is around 20 Cr.

Since the theatrical release of the movie has gained a huge response, the makers are planning to make a huge release on the OTT platform. The Kolai OTT Platform and the release date has not been decided yet but the makers are expecting to sell its rights to Tentkotta which is the most used one. The movie is expected to release on the OTT Platform by the 18 August 2023 as the movie releases on OTT platform after being released in theaters for 2 months. Through this article, the viewers can get all the details on the OTT platform release of the movie along with the date.

Kolai OTT Release Overview

Movie name Kolai
Director Balaji Kumar
Star cast Vijay Antony , Ritika Singh
Music by Girishh G
Kolai OTT Release Date 21 July 2023
Language Tamil
Run time 2 hrs 6 mins
Budget 20 Cr
Box office collection TBA
OTT Release Date 18 August 2023
OTT Platform Amazon Prime Video
Post type News, Ott, Streaming rights
The movie based on Spy , Thriller which has gained a huge response from the fans will be making its OTT release soon. The Kolai OTT Release Date can be expected to be the 18 August 2023. The viewers who feel like sitting at home and watching the movie with ease shall download the application and pay the subscription amount to watch the movie. The following table will guide you better on the details of the Kolai movie

Kolai OTT Platform

  • The movie will be released on the OTT platform after 2  months of the release of the movie in theaters.
  • The Kolai OTT Platform has not been decided yet but it is expected that the makers will release the movie on Tentkotta.
  • To watch the movie, the viewers will have to download the application on their device and then buy the subscription to watch the movie.
  • The platform release will be informed soon to the fans and once it has been announced, the Kolai OTT Rights Price will be announced.
  • The OTT platform will be released to make the viewers watch the movie with ease by sitting at their home.

Kolai Star Cast

The complete list of Kolai Movie Star Cast can be checked from the table below.

imdbVijay Antony , Ritika Singh

Kolai Rights Price

The movie is expected to be released on Tentkotta Platform but the official confirmation has not been made yet. Once the OTT platform has been decided, the Kolai OTT Rights Price will be decided but is expected to be sold for more than 12 Cr. The excited fans have been waiting for the OTT release of the movie so that they can easily watch the movie anytime by sitting at home.

Adipursuh Movie Reviews

The most controversial film was released in India on 21 July 2023 and soon after the trailer was launched, it has gained both negative and positive reviews. But after the fans have watched the movie and the movie has made a huge earnings. The movie has collected TBA

Kolai Budget

The most loved and the controversial movie of the year has been made under a huge budget of 20 Cr. The Kolai Budget has been huge and the movie will be called as being successful only if it crosses the budget mark. Since the movie has made the total earnings of TBA the movie can be called a hit but the OTT release can let the movie have more earnings.

Kolai Story Line

 When a famous model is killed, a smart detective investigates after realizing the incident seems to be a mystery.

Kolai Trailer or Videos

Basic Queries On Kolai OTT Release Date

What is the Kolai OTT Release Date?

The Kolai OTT Release Date  is expected to be by the 18 August 2023 2023.

What will be the Kolai OTT Platform?

The Kolai OTT Platform is expected to be Tentkotta.

What is the total budget of Kolai?

The total budget of Kolai is 12 Cr.

What is the Kolai OTT Rights Price ?

The Kolai OTT Rights Price has not been decided yet.

Who has directed the Kolai film?

The Kolai Movie has been directed by Balaji Kumar.

where to watch Online Kolai movie?

You can watch in Tentkotta

when Kolai Ott Release date?
The Kolai OTT Release Date  is expected to be by the 18 August 2023 .
will Kolai hit or flop?
Kolai is TBA, movie is ____Average_______
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Kolai imdb
Vijay Antony , Ritika Singh imdb
Balaji Kumar imdb
Girishh G imdb

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